Self-Employment Income Support Scheme Statistics to 30th June 2020

These statistics cover the number and value of claims made to the Self-Employment Income Support Scheme (SEISS) administered by HM Revenue and Customs’ (HMRC) up to 30 June 2020. Here are the Main Findings:

  • 3.4 million self-employed individuals were identified as potentially eligible for the SEISS scheme. This means that they met the income and trading activity criteria for the scheme based on Self-Assessment returns from 2018-19 and earlier years. However, some of these businesses will not have continued trading since 2018-19 or will not have been adversely affected by Coronavirus so will not be eligible.
  • By 30th June 2.6 million of the potentially eligible population (75%) had claimed a SEISS grant with the value of these claims totalling £7.4 billion. This compares to 2.4 million claims made and £7 billion claimed by 31st May, as published in the statistics in June.
  • The average value per claim was £2,900.
  • Around two-thirds of the potentially eligible population are male (2.3m)
    • A lower proportion of potentially eligible females have claimed a SEISS grant (70%) compared to males (78%).
    • The average claim for females is also lower at £2,300 compared to the average claim for males of £3,200.
  • Around 90% of claimants are aged between 25 and 64 and take-up of the grant in those age groups is at or above 75%. No one age group dominates and claims are evenly spread.
  • The sector with the highest number of potentially eligible individuals and the highest proportion of claims is the construction industry. By 30 June, construction workers had made 867,000 claims for SEISS totalling £3.1bn.
  • The two regions with the highest number of claims are London (484,000) and the South East (373,000), reflecting their relative sizes.

For a more in-depth analysis of these statistics – by gender, geography, region, age groups, industry sectors, etc, click here.

The next release of these statistics will be published on 21 August 2020.