Rule Book

Revised March 2020

  1. NAME
    • The name of the Association shall be the Boroughbridge and District Chamber of Trade, referred to in these rules as “the Chamber”.


    • The objects of the Chamber shall be:
      • To consider and promote such lawful measures as may further the trading and commercial interests of the members of the Chamber and the town of Boroughbridge and its neighbourhood.
      • To print, publish, distribute or circulate bulletins, journals, information and such other matters as may be helpful to members of the Chamber.
      • To support fair principles of trading and to discourage forms of unfair competition which may be detrimental to the general well-being of traders.
      • To create and foster a spirit of goodwill, friendship and unity amongst traders, and by meetings, discussions and other functions to provide facilities for social intercourse on a friendly basis between members of the Chamber. To subscribe to and support, from the funds of the Chamber or otherwise, such charitable objects which may be determined by the members of the Chamber.
      • The Chamber shall not support with its funds or endeavour to procure the observance by its members of any restriction or regulation which, if an object of the Chamber, would make it a Trade Union.
      • The Chamber shall be non-political and non-sectarian.


    • Application for membership of the Chamber shall be open to all individuals, companies or firms interested in or engaged in business in the district of Boroughbridge.
    • Prospective members shall be proposed and seconded by existing members.
    • Membership shall be subject to approval by the Committee.
    • The applicant shall have a right of appeal against refusal at a General Meeting of the Chamber.
    • Any member who acts to intentionally injure or discredit the Chamber may be expelled from the Chamber by a Resolution
    • The member shall have a right of appeal against expulsion at a Special Meeting of the Chamber.
    • An up to date list of member businesses will be available to other members. The Chamber will protect your personal details in accordance with the principles of the Data Protection Act.
    • Membership shall entitle a business to one vote.


    • Every member shall pay an annual subscription, which shall be subject to periodic review and amendment by the Committee.
    • All subscriptions shall be paid upon joining the Chamber and thereafter at annual intervals on the 1st
    • Businesses wishing to join on 1 March or after will be asked for a pro rata payment.
    • No member shall be entitled to vote at any meeting unless the subscription for that year has been paid.


    • The Officers of the Chamber shall be President, Vice-President, Treasurer and Secretary.
    • The President, Vice-President and Treasurer shall retire each year, but shall be eligible for re-election.
    • The Secretary shall be appointed by the Committee on such terms and conditions as may be agreed between the secretary and the Committee.
    • In the event of a vacancy occurring during the year, the vacant position may be filled by the committee.


    • The management of the affairs of the Chamber shall be conducted by the Committee of the Chamber, referred to in these rules as “the Committee”
    • The Committee shall be elected at each Annual General Meeting by the members of the Chamber.
    • The Committee shall consist of up to 12 members.
    • In the event of a vacancy occurring during the year, the vacant position may be filled by member co-opted by the Committee.
    • The Officers of the Chamber shall be additional members of the Committee.
    • The Committee shall have the power to appoint such sub-committees as it may determine.
    • Five members shall be required to form a quorum at a meeting of the Committee.
    • Any Committee member failing to attend three consecutive meetings of the Committee may, at the decision of the Committee, be removed from the Committee.


    • Nominations for Officers of the Chamber and members of the Committee shall be made in writing and delivered to the Secretary not later than seven days before the Annual General Meetings.


    • The Secretary shall:
      • Handle the correspondence of the Chamber.
      • Keep a record of the members of the Chamber.
      • Record attendance of the members at meetings of the Chamber.
      • Record the minutes of the meetings of the Chamber and circulate them as appropriate.


    • The Treasurer shall:
      • Keep a record of members subscriptions received.
      • Maintain a record of money received or paid by the Chamber.
      • Present, to members, a verified Annual Statement of the financial affairs of the Chamber.


    • Every member shall receive at least ten days notice of General and Special meetings.
    • The President shall chair meetings.
    • In the absence of the President the Vice-President shall chair meetings.
    • In the absence of both the President and Vice-President, the members shall elect another member to chair the meeting.
    • In the event of any equality in voting, the Chair person shall have the casting vote.
    • Every member shall have the right to serve on the Secretary a notice of a matter which he/she wishes to raise at a General Meeting.
    • Such a matter shall be included within the notice of the meeting.


    • The Annual General Meeting shall be held within two months of the end of the end of the financial year of the Chamber.
    • The Officers of the Chamber shall present a Report of the work of the Chamber.
    • The Treasurer shall present a verified Annual Statement of the financial affairs of the Chamber.


    • Other General Meetings shall be held as determined by the Committee.


    • Special Meetings shall be held at the written request of five members of the Chamber or at the request of the Committee.
    • The meeting shall be held to discuss the special business which is the subject of the request, and no other business may be transacted at that meeting.


    • Committee
      • The names of the committee will be made available to all members. Contact details of the committee members will be shared with other committee members to enable efficient and effective operation.
      • Chamber business communications will be disseminated to the membership via the Chamber Secretary or nominated deputy.
      • Information being sent out to members will be reviewed by at least two committee members prior to distribution.
      • Sub-committees will feedback to the Committee.
    • General
      • Members will as a minimum receive a summary of committee meeting minutes.
      • The Chamber recognises that email is not always the best way to communicate and will endeavour to ensure key communications are printed and delivered by hand (or posted if out of easy reach).
      • New members will receive a copy of these rules upon joining together with a note explaining current meetings schedule.


    • No motion concerning the closing down of the Chamber shall be discussed except at a Special Meeting called for that purpose by the Officers of the Chamber.
    • In the event of a Resolution being passed to close down the Chamber, any funds being held in the name of the Chamber shall be lodged in a Trust Fund for the benefit of any future Chamber of Trade which may be subsequently formed in the town.
    • The Trust Fund shall be managed by three Trustees appointed at the meeting.


    • The Rules of the Chamber shall only be altered at an Annual General Meeting.
    • Notice of any proposed alteration shall be given to all members, in writing, prior to the meeting.